Award winning landscaping

We have continued to set the mark by creating award winning designs and providing personal and professional services.


Organic indigenous and wildlife friendly

We specialize in native plants and believe in the use of organic products such as fertilizers and insecticides. We take very special care of plant placement to ensure that not your garden and environment are safe.


We use industry-leading products

We use the latest products and always keep up with the latest trends in the landscaping industry.

The advantages of indigenous plants in landscaping

Indigenous plants increase our link to nature as they provide a beautiful scenery and they are also hardy as once they are established, they require less maintenance than a normal lawn.

The plants we have

We specialize in indigenous plants that are very beautiful and can be planted more widely. Our collection of plant species include; coral tree or the dwarf coral tree, purple boomer for ground coverage and the common pampas grass for your grass tussocks selection.

Why should you choose Indigenous Nursery Company?

We are a South African based gardening and landscaping company specialising in indigenous plants and gardens. We implement a modern design concept using indigenous plants, which will serve to make your gardens more attractive. We help to sustain the majority flora therefore providing a sensory appealing garden for your enjoyment.

Our Benefits

The benefits of indigenous plants for your garden include:

  • Protective cover from wind and heavy rainfall
  • Seeds, fruits and nuts for food
  • Accelerate pollination as they attract bees
  • Prevents the introduction of invasive plants
  • Beauty
  • Low maintenance costs


Christie Dunn

“Indigenous Nursery Company carefully considered all aspects of our garden and gave us regular feedback. Very professional service thanks!!”

Christie Dunn / Manager / Premium Ltd.

Derek Tedder

“I was very fortunate to come across Indigenous Nursery Company it was an absolute pleasure to deal with such people.”

Derek Tedder / Manager / Themes Ltd.


“Once again I thank you for your hard work on our garden we can wait to watch everything grow up!”

Katie / Manager / Company Ltd.

The most accomplished indigenous gardening company in South Africa.

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